Consider an Alternative to High-Pressure Washing

Soft washing is ideal for roof cleaning and similar tasks in the Alpharetta, GA area

Pressure washing with a traditionally high water pressure is an excellent way to clean a wood deck, concrete patio and even plastic lawn chair. Unfortunately, it's not ideal for less hardy surfaces. That's why Pressure Washing LLC offers soft washing services in Alpharetta, GA and surrounding areas.

You can opt for soft washing to accomplish:

Roof cleaning, when algae grows on your roof
House washing, when dirt sticks to your stucco siding
Awning rinsing, when pollen builds up on your awning

We'll fine-tune our equipment to avoid damaging your awning, stucco, roof or other delicate surface. We'll also take care to protect any surfaces nearby. To find out more about our home or roof cleaning services, contact our team today.

Is soft washing safe for your plants?

When you think about the runoff from house washing, it's natural to think about any chemicals or pressurized water that will reach nearby plants. We understand your concern. That's why we'll cover your plants before we get to work. You can depend on us to make sure our soft washing process is safe for them. Schedule our soft washing services now to work with a careful team.